Bridging the Gap between Spring and Angular with OpenAPI

Webinar with Rainer Hahnekamp

September 11, 2023, 18:00 – 19:30 CEST (Berlin, Vienna, …)

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Spring and Angular are popular choices for web applications, yet a notable gap often exists between them. Discrepancies in types and DTOs between Spring Controllers and Angular applications can lead to unforeseen issues.

Enter OpenAPI, a powerful solution that allows us to define APIs using a YAML file. OpenAPI then automatically generates Spring Controllers and Java classes, ensuring consistency and alignment. This tool also proves valuable for existing APIs, as it analyzes Spring to generate specifications on-the-fly.

Join this hands-on webinar to explore both options in depth. Learn how to customize OpenAPI for your specific needs and tackle advanced scenarios like APIs for file uploading and downloading.

About your Trainer

Rainer Hahnekamp is an experienced software developer and architect for enterprise applications. For more than 15 years, he worked as a team lead for the implementation of production-critical applications for the well-known US confectionery manufacturer Mars. He and his team used Angular and Spring.

The business informatics graduate regularly speaks at conferences and writes for various magazines. His YouTube channel Ng-News reports weekly on all the innovations in the Angular community in the form of a short video (100 seconds).

What am I learning?

✅ Contract First vs. Code First with OpenAPI (Swagger)
✅ Generating Spring Controllers
✅ Generating Angular Proxies
✅ Pitfalls and Special Cases

What do I get?

☑️ Participation in the webinar
☑️ Possibility to ask questions
☑️ Recording of the webinar
☑️ All slides and examples

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