Trainer Team

Under the direction of Manfred Steyer, ANGULARarchitects supports companies throughout the German-speaking world in implementing web-based business applications with Angular.

Manfred Steyer, GDE

Under the leadership of Manfred Steyer, ANGULARarchitects.io supports companies with the implementation of web-based business applications with Angular.

At the Angular seminars he designs, he combined his profound knowledge of Angular, for which he was recognized by Google as a Google Development Expert (GDE), with his experience, which he worked as a team leader in the field of software development, as a Professor at a university of applied sciences and as an external member of the Angular team.

Manfred has published books at O'Reilly, Microsoft Press, and Hanser and writes for Heise Online, windows.developer and the Java magazine. He also regularly shares his knowledge at conferences

Assaad Awada

Assaad Awada is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience in software development. He focuses on Angular-based business applications.

At DATEV eG, he was responsible for introducing Angular to many of the 2,000 developer teams. He also supported them in the development of new Angular applications. His focus is on the development of sustainable architectures and their implementation. As a supplement to classic consulting, he also creates company-wide guidelines, architectural examples, and application templates.

Assaad grew up in Berlin and studied computer science at the Technical University there. He is a conference speaker and leads a developer community whose members regularly exchange views on web development.

Dr. Philippe De Ryck, GDE

Philippe De Ryck helps developers protect companies through better web security. His Ph.D. in web security from KU Leuven lies at the basis of his exceptional knowledge of the security landscape. As the founder of Pragmatic Web Security, Philippe delivers security training and security consulting to companies worldwide.

Philippe is a Google Developer Expert and an Auth0 Ambassador/Expert for his community contributions on the security of web applications and APIs. Philippe has been speaking about Angular security since AngularJS 1.x, and is widely recognized as an Angular security expert.

Andre Dickenscheidt

André Dickenscheidt has been an Angular developer from the very beginning and has been involved in numerous enterprise projects in recent years, e.g., in the sectors finance, insurance, and healthcare. Micro Services and Micro Frontend-Architectures were often used. As a technical project manager, he is responsible for the selection of technology, architecture, and the empowerment of his project colleagues.

André studied business informatics on a dual basis and values excellent and open communication, agile practices, and high quality standards. In the backend, he relies on .NET/ C# and Azure. He also has experience with Java.

Michael Egger-Zikes

Michael Zikes is an experienced software architect, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular in the field of business applications. He has supervised and implemented large enterprise-scale Angular projects in the public and private sectors.

As an external (part-time) lecturer, he also teaches this topic at a university of applied sciences Graz. The business informatics graduate has a lot of experience with software engineering and with automating business processes.

Rainer Hahnekamp

Rainer Hahnekamp is an experienced developer and software architect for enterprise applications. For more than fifteen years, he has been planning and implementing production-critical applications as a lead developer for the well-known US-American food company Mars. Together with his team, he used Spring and Angular.

The business informatics graduate regularly shares his knowledge at meetups and conferences, such as Devoxx BE, Basta, JAX, and WeAreDevelopers.

Rainer writes articles for Heise Developer, Entwickler- & Java-Magazin, and writes blog articles on a regular basis. In addition, he has a YouTube channel with Angular-specific content and runs Ng-news, a weekly Angular newsletter in the form of short (100 seconds) videos.

At Angular Architects, he consults companies regarding enterprise-scale architectures. Also, he is the author of the workshop for Angular testing, NGRX, and Spring.

Marco Hämmerle

Marco Hämmerle studied business informatics and since then has been involved in the development of large business applications with web technologies. For his projects in the insurance and telecommunications environment, Angular is his preferred front-end technology. In the backend, he prefers to use NestJS. In addition, he also has experience with the predecessor AngularJS but also with other backend technologies.

He is co-organizer of the Angular Meetup group in Stuttgart and likes to pass on his experiences in trainings.

Stephanie Katterwe

Stephanie Katterwe has been an Angular developer from the very beginning and has used it for implementing large enterprise solutions to support business processes. As Head of Frontend at Deutsche Post in Berlin, she and her team are currently implementing Angular solutions for the group. In addition, she is very happy to pass on her in-depth knowledge of Angular in workshops.

Stephanie studied computer science at TU Berlin. In the backend, she has experience with JAVA. She is also interested in reactive architectures with RxJS and NGRX (Redux) as well as test automation in the frontend area.

Martina Kraus, GDE

Martina Kraus is a trainer and software developer with a focus on Angular-based business applications. She also has experience with C++ and C#/.NET and works with Web Assembly. She was an external lecturer for web technologies at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and is very closely connected to the international Angular community.

In her role as Google Developer Expert (GDE), the computer scientist also shares at national and international conferences such as the BASTA! in Mainz or ngSpain in Madrid her knowledge about Angular, regularly organizes Angular Girls (ngGirls) events (free Angular workshops for women) and the local Angular Heidelberg Meetup.

David Müllerchen, GDE

David Müllerchen is an experienced trainer for Angular and a passionate web developer who is known for conveying even complex content in a clear way. He regularly speaks at national and international conferences and meetups. He also organizes Angular Meetups in Hamburg. David was recognized by Google as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for his community activities.

Daniel Murrmann

Daniel Murrmann has been involved in software engineering and the architecture and implementation of complex distributed software systems in the industrial environment for years. In doing so, the computer scientist and certified software architect relies on Angular in the frontend.

Daniel has also been able to gain experience at several well-known corporations and was responsible, among other things, for a large Industry 4.0 project, which also used Angular in the frontend, at a German machine factory.

Murat Sari

Murat Sari is a software architect specializing in Angular. He has designed large projects in the enterprise and industrial environment and implemented them with his teams. Previously, Murat was the Lead Software Architect at one of the leading providers of real-time data analytics in the oil industry. In the backend, he relies on .NET Core and NodeJS/NestJS. Also, he uses big data technologies in some of his projects.

Murat studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and taught as an external lecturer at the universities of applied sciences in Salzburg and Kapfenberg. At the latter, he designed a lecture on Angular. From 2012 to 2017 he was also a core team member in the Ogre3d project – an open-source 3D engine for Android and Windows Phone.

Daniel Sogl

Daniel Sogl focuses on the development of Angular-based business applications. The business informatics graduate supports well-known automobile manufacturers, banks and pharmaceutical companies. Daniel is currently supporting one of the largest neo-brokers in Germany in the architecture and implementation of a comprehensive broker front end.

In addition to his focus on Angular, Daniel also focuses on quality assurance measures, especially in the area of ​​test automation with unit and E2E tests.

Alexander Thalhammer

Alexander Thalhammer is an experienced software developer and architect. He concentrates on planning and implementing web-based business applications for 20 years. Together with his teams, he has implemented solutions for several large international corporations. His technological focus is on Angular in the front end and PHP as well as Java in the back end.

Alexander holds a Master’s in Software Engineering and is a certified specialist trainer according to ISO/IEC 17024. Also, he has earned another degree in mediation and communication part-time. At the University of Technology Graz, he has taught various technical subjects in the field of computer science and software engineering for around 9 years as a teaching assistant.

Florian Tischler

Florian Tischler is an experienced software developer with a focus on Angular. In recent years he has worked on numerous projects for large international corporations.

The business informatics graduate organizes the Angular Meetup as well as the Design Thinking Meetup in Stuttgart. As a trainer and consultant, he regularly passes on his in-depth knowledge.

Kai Tödter

Kai Tödter ist Principal Key Expert für Softwarearchitektur und -technologien bei Siemens Smart Infrastructure. Er hat mehr als zwanzig Jahre Java-Erfahrung und vertrat Siemens im Java Community Process (JCP) und in der Eclipse Foundation. Kai ist Committer bei einigen Open-Source-Projekten, seine aktuellen Themenschwerpunkte sind Technologien im Webumfeld, Microservices und Hypermedia-APIs.

Andreas Wissel

Andreas designs scalable application concepts and helps to develop a better understanding of the role of user experience in the enterprise environment. His current focus is on design systems, UX workflows, and isolated components.