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17. March 2020

Automating Your Angular Architecture with Workspace Schematics – Part 1: Rules and Parameters

Defining an architecture is exciting. However, implementing it can also be boring. Automation with scaffolding is the solution.
17. March 2020

Lazy Loading Locales with Angular

Instead of loading all supported locales upfront, we can now load them on demand.
22. November 2019

6 Steps to your Angular-based Microfrontend Shell

In the last time, I helped numerous companies implementing Angular SPAs for microservice environments. In this article, I show how to implement one of them in 6 steps: A shell loading micro frontends on demand.
3. November 2019

Announcement: Rebranding to Angular Architects

We are rebranding to Angular Architects.
2. September 2019

Tactical Domain-Driven Design with Angular and Monorepos?

Tactical Design (DDD) helps to organize our source code as smaller, manageable, coherent parts
13. August 2019

Architecture with Angular Ivy – Part 2: Higher order and dynamic Components

With Ivy's private APIs, we can dynamically create components. The example here demonstrates this by creating a routed component on the fly.
27. July 2019

Architecture with Ivy: A possible future without Angular Modules

For Ivy, NgModules are optional. This allows us to structure Angular applications with pure EcmaScript techniques like barrels and packages.
27. July 2019

It’s about cutting your domain, not (first and foremost) about micro frontends!

You have to cut your domain into vertical slices, aka sub-domains. Microfrontends are just one solution for implementing them.
30. June 2019

Sustainable Angular Architectures

with Strategic Design and Monorepos - Part 2: Implementation
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