Angular Consulting

Remote or On-Site!

We offer various forms of angular advice to give you the best possible support for your project. In some cases, this means that we occasionally come to reviews and answer open questions. In other cases, these can be continuous meetings. There is also the possibility that one of our experts will take part in your projects and will therefore be on hand with advice and action.

  • Architecture Workshops

    We help you define a target architecture for your project. Based on the existing architectural goals, we show the advantages and disadvantages of different variants and measures. We are also happy to provide feedback on existing or planned architectures.
  • Q&A Workshops

    We work with you on a prepared questionnaire. If it makes sense, we grab the buttons in between and implement one or the other solution in your project. We can also use this workshop to discuss further topics.
  • Reviews

    You want to know whether you are on the right track to achieve your quality goals in the long term. In our review workshops you will get answers and suggestions for improvement, including an assessment of the associated consequences.
  • Project support

    This option makes sense especially when developing important and durable products: We visit you at regular intervals for architecture, question / answer and reviews workshops. Alternatively, one of our experts can also participate in the implementation for a while.

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