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Standalone, Improved APIs, Signals, Performance

The so-called Angular Renaissance marks the beginning of a new era in Angular development! Through a renewal from within, your Angular applications will become lighter and more modern in the future.

This free eBook demonstrates, through numerous practical examples across 14 chapters, how you can benefit from the new features. You will learn how to use Standalone Components, the improved APIs for routing, lazy loading, and HTTP access, as well as how to effectively utilize the new Signals concept.

This book shows you everything you need to know to effectively use the new features in Angular:

✓ Implementation of Standalone Components, Directives, and Pipes
✓ Compatibility with existing code and NgModules
✓ Routing, Lazy Loading, DI, and State Management
✓ Angular Elements/Web Components with Standalone Components
✓ Modern architectures without NgModules
✓ Successful use of Signals
✓ The new Built-in Control Flow and @defer
✓ Options for automatic migrations
✓ esbuild, SSR, and Hydration


Excerpts from the eBook

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