Consequences of Micro Frontends: Survey Results

While there are several opinions about Micro Frontend architectures, most people seem to agree that they come with several consequences. In our survey, contucted in fall 2023, we asked 153 practitioners about the consequences they observed when implementing this architectural style.

The goal was to get answers to the following questions:

  • What benefits did practitioners observe, and how do they rate their positive impact?
  • What drawbacks did practitioner observe, and how do they rate their negative impact?
  • How did practitioners compensate for drawbacks, and how effective have the used countermeasures been?

These questions were broken down to several technical and organisatorical topics. The inquired questions have been subdivied into the following groups:

  1. About the Interviewee
  2. Project Context
  3. Architectural Decisions
  4. Perceived Technical Benefits
  5. Perceived Organisational Benefits
  6. Perceived Technical Drawbacks
  7. Perceived Organisational Drawbacks

Please find the survey results here:

Download Survey Results (PDF)

Download: Servey Results