Workshop: Advanced Angular: Enterprise & Architecture (incl. Ivy)

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Workshop with strategies for your large and long-lasting business applications

Angular training advanced: advanced concepts and architecture

In this advanced training you will learn everything for your large and long-term maintainable Angular-based corporate and industrial applications:

  • Structure with monorepos and micro front ends
  • Reactive architectures with RxJS
  • State management patterns with NGRX
  • Performance tuning of large applications
  • Web Components with Angular Elements
  • The latest Angular features and Ivy
  • and much more

The exercises gradually result in an application that you can use for your own projects at the end of the workshop.

Optional - Remote Workshops: All of our trainings and consultations can now optionally be booked as remote workshops!

The course of the training at a glance!

Structure for large applications: monorepos and microfrontends

  • Planing architectures with Strategic Design (DDD)
  • Nx Monorepos for implementing your Strategic Design
  • Enforcing architectural constraints
  • Developing and distributing reusable npm packages
  • Customizable libraries with advanced DI patterns and content projection
  • Microfrontends with Angular and the brand-new webpack 5 Module Federation
  • Leveraging the open/closed principle for stable APIs

Modern Architectures with Ivy and Angular Elements

  • Web Components with Ivy and Angular Elements
  • Generating components at runtime
  • Dynamic loading of components
  • Zone-less change detection
  • Higher Order Components
  • A future without NgModules

State Management Patterns

  • The state layer in your Strategic Design (DDD)
  • Using the Redux approach with NGRX
  • Generate building blocks with schematics
  • Side-effects with @ngrx/effects
  • Managing entities with @ngrx/entities
  • Practical handling of immutables
  • State normalization and view models
  • Facades and Introducing NGRX stepwise
  • The brand-new @ngrx/component
  • NGRX: when, when not, and alternatives

Performance Tuning

  • Lazy loding with and without a router
  • Data binding performance with OnPush
  • Tree-Shakables Providers
  • Differential serving
  • AOT and tree shaking
  • Serverside rendering
  • Progressive web apps and service worker caching
  • Web worker and the CLI

Customization and White Label Solutions

  • Customizations at runtime
  • Customer-specific adaptations at compiletime
  • Adjustments via DI
  • Configuration options

Modern Security Solutions and Single Sign-on

  • Connect existing identity solutions such as Active Directory
  • Social login (login with Facebook, etc.)
  • OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Token refresh
  • Single sign out
  • Current recommendations of the OAuth 2 Working Group and consequences

Reactive Architectures

  • Reactive thinking and reactive design
  • Cold vs hot observables and multicasting
  • Filtering and transforming
  • Higher-order observables and flattening
  • Combining streams
  • Using subjects
  • Error handling
  • Debugging
  • Implicit and explicit closing
  • Custom operators

Cross Cutting Concerns

  • Protect routes with guards
  • Global alerts
  • Modifying HTTP requests and responses globally with HttpInterceptors
  • Directives for Cross Cutting Concerns
  • Global error handling
  • Router events


  • I18N pipes
  • Translations with the Angular Compiler (Runtime I18N)
  • Translations with ngx-translate
  • I18N and inputs

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