Unleashing the Power of Storybook for Angular: Boosting UX and Component Development

Webinar with Andreas Wissel

September 7, 2023, 16:00 – 17:30 CEST (Berlin, Vienna, …)

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Join Andreas for a free webinar on Storybook in Angular, where he’ll demonstrate the significance of incorporating user experience as a vital part of development. Learn how component-driven development enables you to create high-quality user experiences while streamlining your development process. We’ll delve into techniques for scaling component libraries and discuss the benefits of adopting opinionated component design principles.

Uncover the potential of using Storybook as your primary workbench for component development in Angular. We’ll demonstrate how to leverage its powerful features to create, test, and iterate on components in isolation, ensuring they meet the highest standards. This approach fosters collaboration across teams and promotes a seamless integration of components into larger applications.

Finally, we’ll explore various distribution strategies to efficiently share and maintain your component libraries across multiple projects. By the end of this talk, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and best practices to harness the power of Storybook in Angular, revolutionizing your development workflow and enhancing the user experience of your applications.


Your Trainer

Andreas designs scalable application concepts and helps to develop a better understanding of the role of user experience in the enterprise environment. His current focus is on design systems, UX workflows, and isolated components.

What am I learning?

✅ Storybook as workbench for component development
✅ Streamlining your development process
✅ Creating, testing, and iterating on components in isolation
✅ Distribution strategies for component libraries

What do I get?

☑️ Participation in the webinar
☑️ Possibility to ask questions
☑️ Recording of the webinar
☑️ All slides and examples

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