API Gateway and Bakend for Frontend for Single Page Applications

Webinar with Daniel Murrmann

September 13, 2023, 16:00 – 17:30 CEST (Berlin, Vienna, …)

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Modern application architectures today often rely on distributed systems in some way. This ranges from very small so-called event processors in event-driven architectures to Micro Services and the integration of two larger applications. No matter how fine or coarse grained the backend for a frontend is distributed, in the frontend everything should come together again for the user and the division into different systems should ideally be invisible in the background.

In this webinar we will consider the following use cases for API gateways and backend for frontends:

  • Merging and aggregating data from different sources and preparing an optimized response for the front end
  • Creation of Hypermedia JSON documents in terms of HATEOAS to easily transfer status information from the backend to the client.
  • BFF as a central communication point to the backend to collect telemetry data.
  • BFF as an authentication facade to execute the entire OAuth flow on the server side, even for single-page applications, and to manage tokens only on the server for increased security.
  • BFF as a solution for the integration of modern single page applications and legacy systems in order to enable step-by-step migration to newer technologies.

The use cases mentioned will be presented during the webinar with the help of an Angular application and an API gateway based on .NET Core.


About your Trainer

Daniel Murrmann has been involved in software engineering and the architecture and implementation of complex distributed software systems in the industrial environment for years. In doing so, the computer scientist and certified software architect relies on Angular in the frontend.

Daniel has also been able to gain experience at several well-known corporations and was responsible, among other things, for a large Industry 4.0 project, which also used Angular in the frontend, at a German machine factory.

What am I learning?

✅ Preparing an optimized response for the front end
✅ BFF as an (OAuth 2) authentication facade for SPA
✅ Integration of modern single page applications and legacy systems
✅ Easily transfer status information using HATEOAS

What do I get?

☑️ Participation in the webinar
☑️ Possibility to ask questions
☑️ Recording of the webinar
☑️ All slides and examples

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