Enterprise Angular: Micro Frontends and Moduliths with Angular

Learn how to build enterprise-scale Angular applications which are maintainable in the long run

In English as PDF and epub (Android / iOS)

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Key Information

✓ Extended 6th edition with 20 chapters
✓ Source code examples
✓ PDF and epub (Android and iOS) 


✓ Planing and implementing your Strategic Design (DDD) with Angular, Nx, and Sheriff
✓ Enforcing your architecture
✓ Building Micro Frontends with Module Federation and Angular
✓ The new Native Federation and the CLI’s esbuild-Support
✓ Dynamic Module Federation
✓ Avoiding typical pitfalls and version conflicts
✓ Multi version/ framework solutions with Web Components and Module Federation
✓ Module Federation and Standalone Components
✓ State Management with the new NGRX Signal Store
✓ Bonus: Automating repeating tasks with Nx Workspace Generators

What People say

“Excellent must read for Angular Developers!”
– Stephen, Angular workshop attendee

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