Workshop: Professional NGRX: Advanced Topics & Best Practices

Go into the depths of NGRX!

All the details and best practices for anyone looking to dig deeper into NGRX!

All the details about NGRX

This workshop covers in-depth topics and best practices in dealing with NgRx. In addition to patterns, integration into architecture approaches like Domain Driven Design (DDD) plays an essential role. The various levels of testing are also dealt with.

A known vulnerability of NgRx is its tendency towards “boiler plate code”. That is why we place a further focus not only on @ngrx/entity but above all also on @ngrx/data and the adaptation to your own requirements. A comparison to the more well-known alternatives NGXS and Akita conclude this 2-day workshop.

The Agenda of our Professional NGRX Workshop at a Glance!

NgRx & Architecture

  • Feature stores and their relationship with containers and presentational components
  • Dependency rules using nx
  • Facade Pattern
  • Cross-feature dependencies

Best Practices

  • General caching
  • Caching via selectors
  • Error handling
  • Data structures: StateModel vs. ViewModel
  • Deferred Actions: Handling of routing, popups, etc.
  • Optimistic vs. Pessimistic Store
  • Forms and Immutability


  • Unit tests for reducers, selectors and effects
  • NgRx mocks for unit tests
  • Integration tests for NgRx

Reduce "Boilerplate Code"

  • @ngrx/entity
  • EntityAdapter
  • @ngrx/data
  • Customizing @ngrx/data
  • Various plugins (undo/redo, forms, etc.)

Vergleich mit Alternativen: Akita und NGXS

  • Comparison with Akita
  • Comparison with NGXS

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The trainer has incredible knowledge of Angular and beyond and explains very understandably."

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