Schulung: TypeScript

Language, Paradigms & Concepts

Type-safe, functional and object-oriented on the web with TypeScript!

Remote & In-House
2 days
Programming basics required
Mix of theory, live coding & exercises
Also available as a company workshop
Public Workshop
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Next Date: TBA
  • Group discount available
  • Individually scheduled
  • In-house or remote
  • Discount for groups >8 participants

TypeScript Workshop

In the TypeScript training, we deal with the programming language that the Angular team also uses to develop the framework. TypeScript offers us the possibilities of the current JavaScript (ECMAScript) standard, such as classes, modules or lambda expressions. In addition, TypeScript provides a sophisticated static type system.

With the help of the TypeScript compiler, the written code can be converted into standard JavaScript that runs in any browser.

At first glance, TypeScript looks like many other programming languages ​​– including Java, C#, or PHP — too. But the devil is known to be in the details. Here you will get to know the many small differences that make TypeScript an extremely advanced object-functional programming language.



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The course of the training at a glance!

The JavaScript Language

  • Types in JavaScript
  • Booleans, truthy and falsy and the comparison operator
  • Functional Programming and Closures
  • Object-oriented programming with object literals, constructor functions and prototypes
  • Selected, predefined objects (Array, String, Date)
  • The Function object and “this”
  • Module Patterns and IIFEs

Modern EcmaScript and TypeScript

  • Transpilation and Configuration
  • Types, the type system and type inference
  • Debugging TypeScript
  • var vs let and const
  • for-of vs. for-in
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Functions and lambdas (arrow functions)
  • Generics
  • Error Handling
  • EcmaScript modules and module loaders
  • Use of the Document Object Model via TypeScript
  • Use of JavaScript libraries
  • Decorators and Reflection
  • Optional: EcmaScript 6 collections and proxies
  • Optional: EcmaScript 6 iterators and generators

Asynchronous Programming

  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Observables and RxJS

Tools and ecosystem

  • Build automation with webpack
  • The package manager npm
  • Test automation with Jasmine

Public Workshops

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