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  • Duration: 2 days
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Angular Performance

According to Google, 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and according to Amazon, 0.1s less loading time results in around 1% more sales. Loading time is also crucial for Angular apps. In this new workshop you will learn that in most cases poor performance is not due to the Angular framework itself, but to small but serious errors in implementation.

At the beginning we deal with an audit framework for a structured approach to measuring performance and the various audit tools that support us in optimization. These are the same tools that the trainer uses when advising customers on the subject. The second part deals with the topic of the initial loading of the app. The most important initial load problems are discussed and the respective solutions are presented. In the third and last part, the runtime performance is being optimized. Runtime problems often only occur in productive operation, because the data and complexity are usually not reduced compared to development. Again, the typical problems and the associated solutions are worked out.

There is an exercise for each of the three main blocks, which will be used to consolidate and deepen the topics in practice. If there is not enough time, problems in real projects can be analyzed together and suggestions for improvement discussed in the last unit.



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The Agenda at a Glance!

Part 1: Professional Performance Audit & Tools

  • Performance Audit Framework
  • Performance Audit Tools
  • Google PageSpeed & Google Chrome Lighthouse
  • WebPageTest & Perfume.js
  • Google Chrome DevTools & Angular DevTools
  • Source Map Explorer & Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  • Import Graph Visualizer

Part 2: Angular Initial Load Performance Optimization

  • Web Performance Best Practices
  • NgOptimizedImage Directive
  • Build Optimization & Tree Shaking
  • 3rd party libs / CSS frameworks
  • Lazy Loading Techniques
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Caching Best Practices

Part 3: Angular Runtime Performance Optimization

  • Angular ChangeDetection Optimization
  • ChangeDetectorRef Usage
  • Angular Templates: Pipes, Flags
  • Virtual Scrolling & ngFor-trackBy
  • API Communication Best Practices


  • Angular Resolver & Alternatives
  • Smart vs Dumb Components
  • RxJS & State Management (NgRx)
  • Web Workers & Service Workers
  • Scheduling

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