Angular Elements and Micro Apps

Atlanta, 9. Januar 2019 - 12. Januar 2019

Web Development is exciting nowadays! We get new innovative technologies on a regular basis. While this is awesome it can also be overwhelming, especially when you have to maintain a product for the long term. Framework-agnostic Web Components and Micro Apps provide a remedy for this dilemma! In this workshop, you see how to use your existing Angular knowledge to build Web Components with Angular Elements. Also, we deal with options for using Shadow DOM and loading Web Components dynamically. You get to know different strategies for bundling and you see how ngIvy can help with this. We also address how (not) to use zone.js for your framework-independent Web Components and what to consider to make them work with all essential browsers including older ones like Internet Explorer. At the end, we put all this together to implement Micro Apps -- small and flexible clients that follow the idea behind Micro Services and can be developed independently by different self-sustaining teams.

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