Innovative Angular training with modern learning methods

We also offer all of our workshops and consultations remotely. In addition, innovative online tools are used. The technical requirements for participation are limited to a current browser .


Remote workshops

Apart from the fact that there are no travel expenses and everyone is in the usual working environment, the rest is the same as with classic training: You have a trainer who explains the individual aspects live in the video call, demonstrated them via live coding and then practical exercises take place.


You can book our entire training offer as remote workshops .


Questions can be asked at any time and help is provided conveniently via screen sharing.


Remote Consulting

You can book our entire consulting offer in the form of remote consulting.


Remote Consulting works in a similar way: Your consultant answers your questions, gives feedback on your source code via screen sharing, and discusses current issues with you on the virtual white board.


Many advantages

Our remote workshops are more than an on-site replacement. Rather, we fully exploit the potential of these technologies and integrate them into our didactics:


  • - Help with exercises via screen sharing
  • - Pair programming with your trainer via Visual Studio Code Live Share
  • - Different virtual rooms allow discussions of small groups during the exercises
  • - Collaborative virtual white board brings variety
  • - Flexible for distributed teams
  • - Quizzes to control your own learning success (and because it's fun)
  • - Live surveys to increase interactivity
  • - Analytics to better adapt the pace to the respective target group


Flexible Settings

Since neither the trainer nor the participants have to travel, we are happy to divide remote training into smaller snacks. Possible settings are:


  • - 3 full days
  • - 2 x 3 half days


Company trainings ("in-house") or public appointments?

Just like traditional training courses, remote workshops for a closed group ("in-house"), e.g. B. for you and your team. In this case, the trainer and, if necessary, individual teams connect remotely.


Alternatively, we always offer public remote workshops. You can find dates in the list below.

Always By arrangement

All of our seminars are always available remotely and on-site. Contact us to make an appointment

Remote or on-site

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