Professional NGRX: Advanced State Management & Best Practices (100% Online, Interactive, English)

Advanced details and best practices for anyone looking to dig deeper into NGRX!

This workshop covers a lot of additional details and best practices for anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of NGRX. You not only learn the different techniques but also when to use them. Essential aspects are the hands-on exercises and subsequent discussions, where your individual challenges can also be dealt with.


After this workshop you will, among other things, be able to …


  • ☑️ use feature stores and cross-feature dependencies
  • ☑️ to differentiate and convert between StateModel and ViewModel
  • ☑️ To use error handling professionally
  • ☑️ To be able to use optimistic and pessimistic actions
  • ☑️ to test your store solution automatically
  • ☑️ reduce the amount of code required with @ngrx/entity and @ngrx/data
  • ☑️ adapt @ngrx/data to to your requirements



This international training takes place in English



✅ Completely online – no travel required!
✅ Interactive: ask questions and participate in discussions
✅ Lots of exercises and live coding
✅ Case study that you can use as a blueprint for your own projects
✅ Pair programming with your trainer


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Some Impressions

We are all connected through a browser-based virtual classroom.


Lots of live coding and interactive exercises including pair programming with your trainers


Didactic approach

Theoretical phases alternate with live coding and exercises.



You have already used Angular and NGRX and now want to dig deeper into NGRX.


Our Extra: Open Q&A session 🎁

As a little extra, we are adding an open Q&A session to both days of the course, where you can raise questions that go beyond the workshop. In this way you can, for example, discuss project-related problems with us. We are thus adding Consulting aspects to the workshop.


Early Bird
We are still offering the low early bird prices until April 10th, 2022.


Company Training

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25.04. - 26.04.2022

Date & Time:

25.04.2022, 9:00 CET - 26.04.2022, 17:00 CET




Your Trainers:

Rainer Hahnekamp ,


NgRx & Architecture

  • Feature stores and their relationship with containers and presentational components
  • Dependency rules using nx
  • Facade Pattern
  • Cross-feature dependencies

Best Practices

  • General caching
  • Caching via selectors
  • Error handling
  • Data structures: StateModel vs. ViewModel
  • Deferred Actions: Handling of routing, popups, etc.
  • Optimistic vs. Pessimistic Store
  • Forms and Immutability


  • Unit tests for reducers, selectors and effects
  • NgRx mocks for unit tests
  • Integration tests for NgRx

Reduce "Boilerplate Code"

  • @ngrx/entity
  • EntityAdapter
  • @ngrx/data
  • Customizing @ngrx/data
  • Various plugins (undo/redo, forms, etc.)

Vergleich mit Alternativen: Akita und NGXS

  • Comparison with Akita
  • Comparison with NGXS

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03. 03 -
04. 03

Trainer: Rainer Hahnekamp



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10. 03

Trainer: Manfred Steyer, GDE und Michael Zikes



25. 04 -
26. 04

Trainer: Rainer Hahnekamp



28. 04 -
29. 04

Trainer: Rainer Hahnekamp



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03. 05

Trainer: Andreas Wissel



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Trainer: Manfred Steyer, GDE und Michael Zikes



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