Angular Architecture Workshop (100% Online, Interactive, English)

Master Enterprise-scale Angular Applications!

In this advanced online training, Manfred Steyer GDE will teach you how to master enterprise-scale Angular-based applications. During several exercises, you will try out all the explained topics. In the end, you have a case study you can use as a blueprint for your own projects.


This training takes place in English




✅ Fully Online – No travel needed
✅ Interactive: Ask questions and participate in discussions
✅ Lots of exercises and live coding
✅ Case study you can use as a blueprint for your own projects
✅ Pair programming with your instructor
✅ Designed by Manfred Steyer, GDE


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We are all connected via a Browser-based virtual classroom.



Lots of live coding and interactive exercises including pair programming with your trainers


Didactic approach

Theory phases alternate with live coding and exercises.



Some experience with Angular.


Extra: Q&A-Night-Session

On the evening of the 2nd day of the seminar day, we offer an optional Q&A night session. Here we have the time to answer your project-related questions. So we bring a bit of a consulting character into the workshop.


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Early Bird Tickets

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Dedicated Company Training
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12.07. - 15.07.2022

Date & Time:

12.07.2022, 13:30 CET - 15.07.2022, 17:30 CET

8:30 am - 12:30 pm Eastern Time // 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm CET


Remote - 4 half days: America und Europe friendly


Your Trainers:

Manfred Steyer, GDE , Michael Egger-Zikes


Structure for large applications: Monorepos, Nx and Strategic Design

  • Plan architectures with Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • CLI workspaces and monorepos with Nx (Nrwl Extensions)
  • Develop and distribute reusable npm packages
  • Categorize for libraries, modules and components
  • Enforce architecture specifications with access restrictions
  • Build performance: Incremental builds and tests and caching
  • Integration into the CI process
  • Customizable libraries with advanced DI patterns and content projection
  • The open / closed principle in Angular

Scalable architectures: Micro Frontends with Module Federation and Angular Elements

  • From strategic design to micro frontends
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Micro Frontends
  • Mono Repos vs. multiple repos
  • Use Webpack Module Federation to load separately compiled and provided micro frontends
  • Dynamic Module Federation
  • Sharing dependencies
  • Dealing with different versions and version mismatches
  • Communication between Micro Frontends
  • Cross-framework development with Angular Elements and Web Components

State Management Patterns with NGRX and Redux

  • The state layer and your Strategic Design (DDD)
  • NGRX: When, When Not and Alternatives?
  • Use the Redux approach with NGRX
  • Types of states
  • Building Blocks: Actions, Reducers
  • Selectors and view models
  • Effects and side effects
  • Generate building blocks with Schematics
  • Manage entities with @ ngrx / entities
  • Practical handling of Immutables
  • Facades as the linchpin
  • Introduce NGRX gradually
  • NGRX and lazy loading of modules
  • Local states with the brand new NGRX / Component store

Performance Tuning

  • Lazy Loding with and without a router
  • Data binding performance with OnPush
  • AOT and Tree Shaking
  • Analyzing bundles
  • Build Performance with Build Cache and Incremental Compilations

Customization and White Label Solutions

  • Customizations at runtime with Lazy Loading and Module Federation
  • Customer-specific adaptations at compiletime with Libs and Path-Mappings
  • Configuring Libraries with DI and forRoot

Reactive Architectures with RxJS

  • Reactive thinking and reactive design
  • Chaining / piping of operators
  • Combination operators
  • Higher-order observables
  • Implicitly and explicitly closing Obervables
  • Cold and hot observables (multicasting)
  • Using subjects
  • Error handling
  • Debugging

Bonus: Modern Security Architectures and Single Sign-on

  • Connect existing identity solutions such as Active Directory
  • Social login (login with Facebook, etc.)
  • OAuth 2 as well as 2.1 and OpenId Connect
  • Tokens in the Browser vs. Security Gateways (Backend for Frontends)
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Token refresh
  • Single sign out
  • Current recommendations of the OAuth 2 Working Group and consequences

Bonus: Trends and the Future of Angular

  • Web Components
  • Lazy loading of components
  • Zone-less change detection
  • A future without NgModules

Public Workshops

Always By arrangement

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Remote or In-House

12. 07 -
15. 07

Trainer: Manfred Steyer, GDE und Michael Egger-Zikes

Remote - 4 half days: America und Europe friendly


20. 09 -
24. 09

Trainer: Manfred Steyer, GDE und Michael Egger-Zikes

Remote - 4 half days: America und Europe friendly


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