Angular Architecture Workshop, Online, Advanced, English

Master Enterprise-scale Angular Applications!

In this advanced online training, Manfred Steyer GDE will teach you how to master enterprise-scale Angular-based applications. During several exercises, you will try out all the explained topics. In the end, you have a case study you can use as a blueprint for your own projects.




✅ Fully Online – No travel needed
✅ Interactive: Ask questions and participate in discussions
✅ Lots of exercises and live coding
✅ Case study you can use as a blueprint for your own projects
✅ Pair programming with your instructor
✅ Designed by Manfred Steyer, GDE


Some Impressions



We are all connected via a Browser-based virtual classroom.



Lots of live coding and interactive exercises including pair programming with your trainers


Didactic approach

Theory phases alternate with live coding and exercises.



Some experience with Angular.


Dedicated Company Training
Please contact us if you want to organize a dedicated company workshop with these or similar topics (remote or on-site). I general, company trainings are more inexpensive when there are at least eight participants. You can reach us here:


28.07 - 30.07 2020

Date & Time:

28.07.2020, 9:00 CET - 30.07.2020, 17:00 CET




Your Trainers:

Manfred Steyer, GDE Rainer Hahnekamp


Structure for large applications: monorepos and microfrontends

  • Planing architectures with Strategic Design (DDD)
  • Nx Monorepos for implementing your Strategic Design
  • Enforcing architectural constraints
  • Developing and distributing reusable npm packages
  • Customizable libraries with advanced DI patterns and content projection
  • Microfrontends with Angular and the brand-new webpack 5 Module Federation
  • Leveraging the open/closed principle for stable APIs

Modern Architectures with Ivy and Angular Elements

  • Web Components with Ivy and Angular Elements
  • Generating components at runtime
  • Dynamic loading of components
  • Zone-less change detection
  • Higher Order Components
  • A future without NgModules

State Management Patterns

  • The state layer in your Strategic Design (DDD)
  • Using the Redux approach with NGRX
  • Generate building blocks with schematics
  • Side-effects with @ngrx/effects
  • Managing entities with @ngrx/entities
  • Practical handling of immutables
  • State normalization and view models
  • Facades and Introducing NGRX stepwise
  • The brand-new @ngrx/component
  • NGRX: when, when not, and alternatives

Performance Tuning

  • Lazy loding with and without a router
  • Data binding performance with OnPush
  • Tree-Shakables Providers
  • Differential serving
  • AOT and tree shaking
  • Serverside rendering
  • Progressive web apps and service worker caching
  • Web worker and the CLI

Customization and White Label Solutions

  • Customizations at runtime
  • Customer-specific adaptations at compiletime
  • Adjustments via DI
  • Configuration options

Modern Security Solutions and Single Sign-on

  • Connect existing identity solutions such as Active Directory
  • Social login (login with Facebook, etc.)
  • OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Token refresh
  • Single sign out
  • Current recommendations of the OAuth 2 Working Group and consequences

Reactive Architectures

  • Reactive thinking and reactive design
  • Cold vs hot observables and multicasting
  • Filtering and transforming
  • Higher-order observables and flattening
  • Combining streams
  • Using subjects
  • Error handling
  • Debugging
  • Implicit and explicit closing
  • Custom operators

Cross Cutting Concerns

  • Protect routes with guards
  • Global alerts
  • Modifying HTTP requests and responses globally with HttpInterceptors
  • Directives for Cross Cutting Concerns
  • Global error handling
  • Router events


  • I18N pipes
  • Translations with the Angular Compiler (Runtime I18N)
  • Translations with ngx-translate
  • I18N and inputs

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