Workshop: Reactive Angular Architectures with RxJS and NGRX (Redux)

Keep the upper hand on your complex application state and the reactive behavior of your application

Traceable Data Flows in Angular

Order for Data Flows

Highly interactive applications host a variety of data flows with events and information retrieved. As these applications grow, the data flows become more and more confusing and suddenly you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

This interactive seminar brings order to chaos. You will learn to develop reactive applications with Angular. In addition, a case study with numerous application examples uses the professional application of RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript). The training pays a lot of attention to reactive thinking and reactive design.

Then you will learn how your application states can be managed with facades and RxJS and when the additional use of the Redux pattern makes sense. This is then examined in more detail using NGRX – the defacto standard for Redux under Angular. We cover the individual building blocks and further samples.

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The course of the training at a glance!

Manage observables

  • Create observables
  • Factory functions (Creation Operators)
  • Operators and marble diagrams
  • Cold vs. Hot observables
  • Subjects and multicasting
  • Implicit and explicit closing of observables

Reactive design and thinking

  • The steps of reactive design
  • Structured implementation of a reactive solution
  • Combine operators
  • Case study on reactive design and implementation of reactive solutions
  • Debug reactive solutions

Further scenarios and operators based on case studies

  • Advanced creation operators
  • Operators for error handling
  • Multicasting operators
  • Filtering operators
  • Operators for transformations
  • Utility operators
  • Write your own operators

State management with NGRX

  • State management with facades and RxJS
  • The Redux approach
  • Comparison of various state libraries like NGRX, NGXS and Akita
  • Implement the Redux approach with NGRX
  • Modeling states
  • Working with immutables
  • Actions and action creators
  • Feature modules and lazy loading
  • Generate code with @ ngrx / schematics

More NGRX concepts and libraries

  • Selectors and memorization
  • Treat side effects with @ ngrx / effects
  • Manage entities with @ ngrx / entity
  • Automate the interaction between NGRX and the backend with @ ngrx / data

Best practices and state patterns

  • Component design with Smart and Dumb Components
  • Simplify the use of immutables with libraries
  • Normalization of states
  • Meta reducer
  • Persistence of states
  • States and routing
  • Undo / Redo
  • Optimistic UI
  • Caching
  • State management and forms, especially reactive forms

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Trainer: Rainer Hahnekamp



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Trainer: Rainer Hahnekamp



The trainer has incredible knowledge of Angular and beyond and explains very understandably."

Participant in June 2019, Vienna

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