Workshop: Micro Frontends with Angular

Remote or In-House.

Plan and implement large Angular solutions with Module Federation and Web Components.

Skalieren Sie Ihre Lösungen mit Micro Frontends

In this training for advanced Angular developers, you will learn how to scale your large Angular solutions with the Micro Frontend approach. As early adopters of this topic, we bring in our experience collected in numerous consulting projects during the last years.

Upon request, we create a prototype based on your existing code base that illustrates the switch to micro frontends.


  • Strategic Design (DDD) as the basis for planning
  • Module Federation and Federated Angular
  • Monorepos vs. Multiple Repos
  • Communication between Micro Frontends /li>
  • Sharing libraries with widgets
  • Dealing with version conflicts
  • Combine different frameworks and versions
  • Web Components and Angular Elements

The exercises gradually result in an application that you can use as a template for your own projects.

Optional – Remote Workshops: All of our trainings and consultations can also be booked as Remote Workshops!


Der Verlauf der Schulung auf einen Blick!

Planning Micro Frontends with Strategic Design

  • Overview of Strategic Design
  • Sub-domains, bounded context and ubiquitous language in the context of Angular
  • Communication between domains
  • Monorepos vs. Multi Repos
  • Macro vs. micro architecture
  • Micro front ends as a migration strategy
  • Case Studies

Micro Frontends with Module Federation

  • Federated Angular: Use Module Federation with Angular
  • Dynamic Federation
  • Micro Frontends and plug-in systems
  • Sharing libraries
  • Dealing with version conflicts
  • Communication between Micro Frontends

Web Components with Angular Elements

  • Micro Frontends with Angular Elements
  • Widgets with Angular Elements
  • Load Web Components dynamically
  • Multi-framework / multi-version solutions with web components
  • Integrating legacy code (e.g. AngularJS code)
  • Combine Web Components and Module Federation
  • Challenges and workarounds

Optional: Prototyp with your code basis

At this point, the workshop turns into a consultation. We jointly apply what we have learned in your codebase to create a prototype. This prototype shows the necessary steps to migrate your solution to a micro frontend architecture.

Public Workshops

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Remote or In-House

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The trainer has incredible knowledge of Angular and beyond and explains very understandably."

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