Angular Deep Dive Workshop

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Deep dive for Angular developers

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2 days
Basic Anguar Knowledge
Labs, Quizzes, Experiments
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Public Workshop
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Next Date: TBA
  • Group discount available
  • Individually scheduled
  • In-house or remote
  • Discount for groups >8 participants

Deep dive for your full perspective!

You already know the basics of Angular and now you really want to fully understand the many concepts and backgrounds? Then this workshop is the right one for you!

In this training we start with a simple Angular application and extend it with all the possibilities that the framework has to offer. We also look behind the curtain to understand how Angular ticks and what conscious limitations, misunderstandings and pitfalls it entails.



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The course of our deep dive at a glance!

Components: deep dive

  • Communication between components
  • Declarative and programmatic content projection
  • ViewChildren and ContentChildren
  • Handles/Template Variables and exportAs
  • Component inheritance
  • View providers vs. “traditional” providers and local services
  • Lazy Components with Ivy
  • Create dynamic components at runtime with Ivy

Data binding: deep dive

  • Data binding under the hood
  • Deliberate limitations and pitfalls in data binding
  • One-way data flow and its consequences
  • Handling ExceptionHasBeenChangedAfterItWasCheckedError
  • Performance tuning with the OnPush strategy, immutables and observables

Directives: deep dive

  • Attribute directives for cross section functions
  • Structural Directives
  • Templates and Containers
  • Microsyntax
  • Referencing templates at runtime

Routing: deep dive

  • Hierarchical routing with child routes
  • Aux Routes
  • Lazy routes
  • Guards
  • Resolvers
  • Router Events
  • Custom Url Matchers

Forms: deep dive

  • Template-driven forms vs. reactive forms
  • Break large forms into multiple components
  • Model repeating groups with FormArrays
  • Custom validation rules
  • Asynchronous Validation Rules
  • Multi-field validation
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Interfere with data binding with ControlValueAccessor
  • Use your own form control elements with ngModel, formControl and Co.

Dependency-injection: deep dive

  • Local vs. Global Services
  • The types of providers: useClass, useValue, useFactory, useExisting
  • Multi Provider
  • Token: InjectionToken<T> vs base classes
  • Tree-Shakable Providers vs. “classic” providers
  • Services and lazy loading

Public Workshops

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Manfred Steyer is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular and Tursted Collaborator in the Angular team. Together with his team, he looks after customers in the entire German language area. The focus is on business and industrial applications based on Angular.

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