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6. September 2020

Getting Out of Version-Mismatch-Hell with Module Federation

Module Federation uses SemVer by default and there are lot's of options to adjust its behavior.
6. September 2020

Dynamic Module Federation with Angular

Module Federation allows loading plugins from other origins,
27. Juni 2020

Dynamic Module Federation with Angular (The Microfrontend Revolution, Part 3)

Loading microfrontends not known at compile time.
10. Mai 2020

“Module Federation Light”: Using Microfrontends With Angular Already Today

UMD bundles allow loading separately compiled and deployed microfrontends. This can be already used today together with default Angular applications and libraries.
26. April 2020

The Microfrontend Revolution – Part 2: Module Federation with Angular

With Module Federation we can use Angular and its router to lazy load separately compiled and deployed microfrontends.
22. April 2020

The Microfrontend Revolution: Module Federation in Webpack 5

Module Federation allows loading separately compiled program parts. This makes it an official solution for implementing microfrontends.
17. März 2020

Automating Your Angular Architecture with Workspace Schematics – Part 1: Rules and Parameters

Defining an architecture is exciting. However, implementing it can also be boring. Automation with scaffolding is the solution.
17. März 2020

Lazy Loading Locales with Angular

Instead of loading all supported locales upfront, we can now load them on demand.
22. November 2019

6 Steps to your Angular-based Microfrontend Shell

In the last time, I helped numerous companies implementing Angular SPAs for microservice environments. In this article, I show how to implement one of them in 6 steps: A shell loading micro frontends on demand.
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